Bay St. George Chapter Scholarship (CE)

The Bay St. George Chapter was officially dissolved in March 2007. The Chapter transferred all unused funds to the NL Registered Nurses' Education & Research Trust to be awarded in scholarships to registered nurses residing in their geographical area who are enrolled in a nursing degree program. In the event that there are no suitable applicants enrolled in degree programs, applications are accepted for non-credit continuing education programs/events.

One scholarship is awarded annually to an RN from the Bay St. George area. The geographical area of the Bay St. George Chapter is defined in the Chapter's Constitution to include the South Western area of the province starting at Long Point in the District of Port Au Port, east to Gallants and Bay St. George Districts. 

A prior recipient of the Bay St. George Chapter Scholarship is not eligible to reapply.

Value: up to $750

Application Deadline:  April 15th (Spring Competition), October 15th (Fall Competition)


  • If the number of applications received in the Spring competition is not sufficient to hold a review meeting, funding decisions may be deferred until the Fall competition.  In this situation, applicants will not have to re-submit their application.
  • Only one scholarship is available. If the scholarship is not awarded in the spring competition, applications will be accepted in the fall.
  • Applicants will be notified whether or not their application is successful. Notifications will be sent via email using the address provided in your application. Please be sure to provide an email address that you check regularly.
  • If your application is successful, the Trust will reimburse the amount of your bursary after you submit the required documentation (confirmation of expenses - including receipts, proof of attendance etc.).
  • Bursary amounts may be adjusted based on the confirmation of your expenses.
  • Due to an increase in the number applications, we are no longer able to respond to individual requests for information regarding the status of an application

Who Can Apply

Applications are accepted from Registered Nurses who:

  • are employed in nursing in NL,
  • are participating in a continuing education event relevant to their nursing practice,
  • have not received a Trust Bursary within the past 5 years,
  • are not a prior recipient of the Bay St. George Chapter Scholarship,
  • are members in good standing with CRNNL,
  • are members of the NL Registered Nurses' Education & Research Trust, and
  • are willing to share information obtained through participation in the conference with colleagues.

Note: Recipients of Trust bursaries named in memory of an individual or designated for a particular specialty practice area in the past 5 years are eligible to apply for this bursary.

All CRNNL registrants with a current practicing license are members of the Trust. Those with a current non-practicing membership can become members of the Trust by paying the $10 Trust membership fee.

How to Apply

Please review the Application Requirements document before you begin the application. The requirements for supporting documentation are outlined in the document.

Applications for continuing education must be completed using the online application form.  

If you are enrolled in an academic program (BN, MN, PhD), please use the academic application form and reference form.

Applications are also accepted for Graduate Nursing programs during the Fall competition.

Applications must be submitted by the appropriate deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

Have Questions?

Please see the Tips & FAQs page for answers to frequently asked questions and advice on completing your application. If the information you require is not listed there, please use the Online Contact Form to send us your question.