Board of Directors

The Trust Board of Directors consists of the following positions:

  • President,
  • President Elect,
  • four regional directors, one each representing Eastern, Central, Western, Labrador-Grenfell regions (as per RHA boundaries), and
  • one Director-at-Large.

Terms of Office

The President-Elect serves for a two-year term and then becomes President for a two-year term. Regional Directors and the Director-at-Large serve for three year terms of office. Each member can serve there consecutive terms in the same office. The Executive Director of CRNNL sits on the Board of Directors as a non-voting member.

Roles & Responsibilities

Members of the Board of Directors help set the direction of the Trust and participate in it's administration. The Trust Constitution further outlines the role and functioning of the Board.

Trust Board of Directors 2021-22

Melvin Layden, President
Megan Hudson, President Elect
Michelle Carpenter, Eastern Regional Director
Christine Fry, Central Regional Director
Vacant, Labrador Regional Director
Erica Hurley, Western Regional Director
Brenda Whyatt, Director at Large
Lynn Power, CRNNL Executive Director Ex-officio (non-voting) 
Julie Wells, Coordinator (non-voting)