Nursing Research Award Project Information

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 A. Principal Investigator

If you do not know your registration number, please check the CRNNL Member Search.

 B. Project Information

Project Status:
Is this project expected to commence in the next 12 months?

Please note: Trust Research Awards must be claimed within 12 months of the award date. One extension may be granted provided:

  • a request is received prior to the expiry date,
  • the request includes a reasonable explanation for the extension, and
  • the extension is approved by the Research Awards Committee.


C. Ethical Approval

All research proposals submitted to the Trust must meet Tri-Council standards for ethical research. Please select one of the following:



Note: The Research Awards Committee will review applications for projects that have not yet received ethics approval, however funds will not be released for projects requiring ethics approval until proof of approval from a recognized review committee is received.