Violet Ruelokke Primary Health Care Award Reference

The Violet D. Ruelokke Award has been established for the purpose of strengthening nursing leadership capacity in primary health care (PHC). Applications will be accepted from registered nurses pursuing studies or participating in an event that aims to develop/strengthen knowledge and skill for primary health care practice, such as:

  • population health,
  • strengthening community capacity, 
  • interdisciplinary collaborative practice, 
  • program development, 
  • research and evaluation, 
  • proposal writing, etc.

Applications will be accepted from Registered Nurses working in any practice setting or employment position. Applications are accepted for any of the following: 

  • enrolment full-time or part-time in an educational program that strengthens the nurse's knowledge and skill for PHC practice, 
  • present PHC research at a conference, or 
  • complete a non-credit PHC focused program.

Value: $500 or $1000 

Application Deadline: April 15th (Spring), October 15th (Fall)


References are accepted from a registered nurse* in a leadership position who can speak to the applicant’s motivation and initiative with regard to their nursing practice and potential contribution to primary health care. 

If you are providing a reference for an applicant, please review the Reference Requirements document prior to starting the reference form. 

References for applicants enrolled in non-credit continuing education can be completed using the Violet Ruelokke Primary Health Care CE Reference Form.

References for applicants enrolled in a graduate program (e.g., MN-NP, Post-Master's NP, PhD), can be completed using the Graduate Nursing Scholarship Reference Form (available in the Fall competition only).

Letters of reference will not be accepted. 

References must be submitted by the application deadline in order to be considered. 

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